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Top 8 Etiquette Tips For Bridal Gown Shopping

The question has been popped, the bride’s tribe notified, and a date tentatively set.

The next step?

Yes, the thing most brides dream of...

The Dress.

It must highlight the bride’s personality and style, without completely overpowering her or being horribly uncomfortable.

So, she has the vision and we have the dresses.

In order for this process to be as stress-free as possible, here are some etiquette tips for the bride-to-be and her crew to follow whilst searching for the perfect dress!

1. To Make Or Not Make An Appointment

This one is pretty straight-forward.

If the store requires appointments to shop for wedding gowns, make one!

Luckily, The Bridal Event does not take appointments and works on a walk-in basis for shopping.*

Most stores will say whether or not they take appointments on their websites, so be sure to check there and save yourself a call!