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New Gown Discontinuations!

Just yesterday we received a massive discontinuation list from one of our beloved designers: Maggie Sottero.

What this means is that we have until November 15th, 2018 to order any of the below styles, after that date...

No more!

So we've decided to clue you in. If your favorites are in this list, this is your last chance to stop in and say yes!

1. Andraea

"Andraea" is available for order $1,599- our sample is a size 12 and can be purchased off the rack at a discount of $850!

2. Cora

"Cora" hasn't been with our store for very long, but is still orderable at $1,098 until November 15th- or our sample size 12 can be purchased for $599!

3. Goldie

"Goldie" is an oldie (but a goodie) and still ready for order at a price of $1,699- the sample size 12 can be bought for $999!

4. Greer

"Greer" has been well-loved in our store for years and we are so sad to see her go!

This may be your last chance to order her for $1,839 or our sample size 10 can be purchased off the rack at a discounted price of $1,099.

5. Hannah

"Hannah" has always been one of our favorites and chosen by many brides during its time with our store- we will miss this one for sure!

"Hannah" is still ready to be loved in your perfect size for $1,989, but if you're looking for a deal, the sample size 18 can be purchased for $1,199.

6. Jade

"Jade" has been in our store since 2015 and she will always be a stunning gown.

Last chance to order her at $1,598 or buy our sample size 12 at a discounted price of $649!

7. Janessa

"Janessa" is a gorgeous ballgown- just look at the back!

Stop in to say yes for $1,498 before the discontinuation, or our sample size 12 can be bought right off the rack for $1,099.

8. Jaslynn

"Jaslynn" is a traditional gown for a traditional bride.

This gown is orderable at $1,549- the sample size 16 is available for $850.

9. Krisha

It's time to say good-bye to this lovely dress...

"Krisha" can still be ordered for $1,049 or you can purchase the sample size 18 for $499!

10. Larissa

"Larissa" is traditional with a twist- the straps are completely removable!

Create your own look with "Larissa" in your perfect size at $1,379 or purchase our lovely sample size 12 for $750.

11. Laverna

This beautiful gown has been in our store and loved by many brides over the years!

Scoop "Laverna" up before she's gone for $1,978, or you can take our sample size 8 for $1,099.

12. Lorie

"Lorie" and all her accessories have been with our store for many many years.

She's available for one last chance at a price of $1,325 or our sample size 12 can be purchased for the low price of $499!

13. Payson

"Payson" has only been with us since the Spring 2018 season, but we are a little sad to see her leave! Her gorgeous detailing and shape truly make her one of a kind.

Stop in to say yes before she's gone forever- $1,589- or find a sweet deal in our sample size 10- $999.

14. Petra

"Petra" has been a delight to sell in our store. Light-weight, stretchy, but delicately and beautifully beaded.

Hurry before we have to say good-bye! $1,799 brand new or our sample size 12 is available for $1,099 in stunning condition.

15. Phyllis

"Phyllis" is a dream for brides looking for greek goddess vibes! Adorned with intricate beading and cascading netting- she is a surefire winner.

You can still order your own for a limited time at $1,399 or love our sample size 8 for $299! Wow!

16. Primrose

"Primrose" is simple, chic, and fun all rolled into one!

Say yes before she's gone for $998 or say yes to our sample size 10 for $549.

17. Reynold

"Reynold" is so unique with her metallic embroidered lace and corset back- we can't believe she'll be gone!

This gown is still available to be ordered at $1,598 or sold right off the rack at $899 in a sample size 14.